Deciding between a Part-Time Nanny and Full-Time Nanny

EO HomeCare Nanny Agency can assist you in deciding between a Part-Time Nanny and Full-Time Nanny in Toronto, the GTA and Southern Ontario.

Once you have made a decision to hire a nanny through EO HomeCare, the next step is to determine if you need Part-Time or Full-Time help. At EO HomeCare, we will talk to you in depth about your needs and expectations, and help you determine what type of position would be best suited for your family.

If both parents are working Full-Time, and the children are not in school, a Full-Time nanny is the obvious choice. The decision is more complex for a stay at home parent who wants a little extra help, or for working parents with school age children.

A Full-Time nanny will generally offer much more flexibility than a Part-Time nanny. Since you are the only Employer, there is often the ability to shift the nanny's hours if needed. A Full-Time nanny may be available to stay late, arrive early, sleep over or work nights and weekends. In addition, a Full-Time nanny will offer peace of mind, knowing that person will be there during school vacations or if your children are home from school sick.

A Part-Time nanny is often the preferred choice for a family with school age children. However, a Part-Time nanny is much more difficult to find than a Full-Time nanny and will usually offer less flexibility than a Full-Time nanny. Many parents are looking for a nanny who can work in the afternoons only. The responsibilities of a Part-Time nanny often include picking children up from school, take them to activities, assisting with homework and preparing a family meals. Many nannies are seeking a Part-Time job that will fit into another job schedule they have. EO HomeCare will search for a Part-Time nanny who is both a good fit for your family, and whose schedule is a good fit for your job.

The primary downside of hiring a Part-Time nanny is the lack of flexibility. Families with a Part-Time nanny usually have to make alternate childcare arrangements during school breaks and when the children are home sick. Most Part-Time nannies have another employer who is counting on them, and as such cannot offer the same level of flexibility as a Full-Time nanny.

At EO HomeCare Nanny Agency, we will work with you to determine your childcare needs. Whether you live in Toronto, the GTA or anywhere in Southern Ontario including Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, London, Milton, Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph, Newmarket, Aurora, Barrie, Whitby or Oshawa... Call EO HomeCare and let us help you find the perfect fit for your family.

EO HomeCare has an excellent selection of Live-in and Live-out nannies!  If you live in Toronto, the GTA or Southern Ontario - we can help find the perfect fit for your family.


Finding a Nanny Agency in Toronto, the GTA and Southern Ontario

If you live in Toronto, the GTA or most places in Southern Ontario, there are an abundance of Nanny Agencies. The question is, how to find a reputable Nanny Agency that will work with you, and understand the needs of your family.

Many Nanny Agencies will want a fee or deposit upfront before they begin working with you. At EO HomeCare, there is no upfront fee, and payment is due only once you have interviewed and hired your nanny.

Most Toronto Nanny Agencies have some type of guarantee. This is a period of time during which a nanny agency will replace your nanny at no cost to you.

At EO HomeCare, we offer a 3 month guarantee for Live-out Nannies and a 6 month guarantee for Live-in Nannies.

It is always our aim to place the right nanny with each family the first time! If the nanny is in Canada, we suggest that you do 1-2 trial days before you make your decision. This will give both yourself and the nanny an opportunity to make sure the job is a great fit for both of you.

If you are considering sponsoring a nanny from abroad under the Foreign Live-in Caregiver Program, you will not have a chance to meet the nanny in person. It is therefore more important than ever to work with a Nanny Agency that you know and trust. EO HomeCare has an excellent selection of nannies who are currently working with young families in Hong Kong and ready to come to Canada. Each EO HomeCare nanny has been interviewed and screened in person by a member of our affiliate agency in Hong Kong. We will send you the applications of candidates who best meet your needs and then conduct a telephone interview with you and the nanny. You will have an opportunity to speak to potential Hong Kong nanny candidates and ask them any questions you have. Once you have selected your nanny, our Certified Immigration Consultant will take care of all of the paperwork involved in the sponsorship process.

When searching for Nanny Agencies in Toronto, the GTA and Southern Ontario, you may come across agencies that do not charge a fee for services. Families should be concerned about using an agency that does not charge a fee. Such agencies are most likely charging the nanny a fee, which contravenes the Ontario Ministry of Labour Guidelines stating that 'a recruiter cannot charge a Foreign Live-in Caregiver any fees'. Rather than looking for a "free" service, families should find an agency that charges a reasonable fee for the services rendered.

If you have found a Nanny Agency on the internet, and do not know anyone who has used them, you may want to ask for references of other families who have used that Agency. At EO HomeCare, many of our families are referred by friends, family and neighbours who have used our services. We are always happy to provide references, if you would like to speak to a family who has used our services to find out about their experience.

At EO HomeCare, we will provide you personalized service and find you a nanny who is a great fit for you and your family. Call us today!

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